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The newspaper with the largest circulation in the United States, the Wall Street Journal, is now on Android. This official app lets you stay on top of the most important international and economic news in the world. Basically, this app is a way for WSJ digital subscribers to access articles, since you need login credentials to access anything after your 30-day trial.

When you open the official Wall Street Journal app, you see a clean and simple interface giving you access to the various newspaper sections. At the top, you see the day's top news stories, the most important international events, and the most important national events. Beyond that, the app also includes the following sections: politics, economics, business, technology, markets, opinion, arts, and society.

The articles are arranged in small squares, showing the headline, caption and a photograph to help you get an idea of the topic. If any of the headlines interest you, tap on them to read more. From there, you can read the full article as it's published online and see all the pictures and graphics that go with it.

On every page, you can adjust the text to one of three sizes: small, medium, or large. You can also search for articles or bookmark articles to access them later. Besides all this, you can see everything from the previous week, day by day, but only during the month of your free trial.

This version only gives you full access to the newspaper for 30 days.

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